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Wulfs Jacksville 7109J

216 rear.jpg

Homo-polled, Red   2/24/2021 Purebred (87/77.9)

WULFS Garfield T937G x WULFS Eleanore 7109E

BW: 83     Adj WW: 815   Adj. YW: 1353     Adj. REA: 19. 6 in.   Adj. IMF: 2.32

CED 15  BW -2.0  WW 72  YW 100  MA 30  TM 66  CEM SC 0.80

ST 14 DOC 15  YG –0.51  CW 23 REA 1.25  MB .13  FT -.07  $MTI 60.50

(Updated EPD's on 3/27/23) Link to Current Epds

On our quest to find that PERFECT RED PUREBRED herd bull, we were lucky to snatch Wulfs Jacksville up on the 2022 Wulfs Opportunity Sale. With his natural muscle expression, incredible EPD spread, scan data, and pedigree, if was no question why he caught several peoples attention and ended up being one of their high sellers in the sale. Scanning nearly a 20 in ribeye at a year, adjusting over 800 lbs on WW, and being in the top 50% or higher in 15 TRAITS, he puts a lot of great things together that are hard to find in a bull. His first calves are hitting the ground this spring and man do they look good. We sure are excited to see his calves grow, to say the least! Pictured as a yearling above. 

Semen available $40

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FILL Elevate 260E

Fillmore 260E.JPG

Homo-polled, Het-black   3/25/2017 Purebred (81/74.9)

WULFS Billy the Kid K234B x  MISS Fillmore 260Z

BW: 80     Adj WW: 711   Adj. YW: 1372     Adj. REA: 19. 8 in.   Adj. IMF: 3.1

CED 7  BW 2.5  WW 72  YW 110  MA 24  TM 60  CEM SC 0.70

ST 14 DOC 17  YG –.45  CW 33 REA 1.60  MB .07  FT -.01  $MTI 57.95

(Updated EPD's on 5/18/21)

Fillmore Ranch's top 2017 Denver bull, FILL Elevate 260E has made quite a positive impact on our herd. His dam has raised many high sellers and his sire has been very popular. With a hefty 1372 lb adjusted yearling weight, a huge 19.8 inch ribeye, and a 3.1 IMF, we have yet to find a fault in him. He's as sound as they come, deep sided, and above average on 12 of his traits! Elevate is the bull everyone has been waiting for.  We have used him extensively and his calves are uniform, deep bodied, growthy, sound made, and good dispositioned. 

Semen available $40

Contact us, Limi-Gene, or Grassroots Genetics

FILL Elevate 260E video as a yearling

WULFS Halifax P602H

Homo-polled, Black   1/7/2020  Lim-Flex(75/67.2)

WULFS Evolution K686E ET x  RTTB Buttercup 602D

BW: 85     Adj WW: 654   Adj. YW: 1326     Adj. REA: 17.3 in.   Adj. IMF: 2.92   FR: 6.1   

CED 13  BW 0.9  WW 76  YW 116  MA 24  TM 62  CEM 7 SC 1.35

ST 17 DOC 14  YG –.48  CW 43 REA 1.32  MB .12  FT -.08  $MTI 61.43

(Updated EPD's on 5/18/21)

We are very excited to introduce our new herd sire, Wulfs Halifax, which we purchased at the 2021 Wulf Cattle Opportunity Sale. When we went out to view the 400+ bulls, he was one of our top picks. He combines an excellent EPD spread with the depth of rib, stoutness, disposition, and overall balance we strive for in our operation. He is in the top 50% or higher in 15 of the 16 traits which is very hard to come by. We look forward to his calves in spring 2022. 

Semen available $40

Contact us for inquiry. 

AI Sires

We utilize the following elite AI sires on our cows. 

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