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PAST Consignments

Look for our genetics at the Iowa Beef Expo and Black Hills Stock Show every year. We also sell bulls and females privately at the farm. 

Sold at the 2023 Black Hills Stock Show
Friday , February 3rd 1 pm MST

JASB 88J.jpg
JASB Jammer 88J- SOLD
Homo-polled, Homo-black, PB, Complete Package
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KTBO 81J.jpg
KTBO Joe Dirt 81J- SOLD
Homo-polled, Red, PB, Will add loads of MUSCLE
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JASB 61K.jpg
JASB Kallie 61K- SOLD
Dbl Polled, Dbl Black, 78% Percentage
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kcbo 76J_edited.jpg
KCBO Jefferson 76J- SOLD
Homo-polled, Purebred

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Sold at the 2023 Iowa Beef Expo
Sunday, February 12th 12 Noon

JASB 8K.jpg
KTBO 33K.jpg
JASB Krusader 8K- SOLD
Homo-polled, Red, 75% Lim-Flex
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KTBO King Ranch 33K- SOLD
Homo-polled, Black, PB
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BHSS Consignments Sold Feb 4, 2022

KCBO Harrison 79H
KCBO Harrison 79H 
Homo-polled, good growth, excellent disposition
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JASB 27J.jpg
JASB Jaw-Dropping 27J
Homo-polled, PB, Thick, excellent numbered, good growth
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Iowa Beef Expo Consignments Sold Feb 13, 2022

JASB Jacked 21J
JASB Jacked 21J
Homo-polled, Homo-black, docile, superb numbers & performance! 75% Lim-Flex

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JASB Journey 35J
JASB Journey 35J
Homo-polled, Het-black, out of the 2020 BHSS Supreme Champion Bull, will add bone, frame, and growth to calves, Percentage
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KTBO Juliet 18J
KTBO Juliet 18J
Dbl polled, Dbl black, out of the 2020 BHSS Supreme Champion Bull and a prominent cow family, has great potential on the show road and will be a good female in the herd

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Sold at the 2021 Iowa Beef Expo

Sunday, February 14th 12 Noon

JASB Henley 11H.jpg

JASB Henley 11H

Double polled    PB    2/20/2020

HUNT Credentials 37C ET  x   SYES Best Buy daughter

BW -1.2 WW 58  YW 86 MK 23 DOC 12 $MTI 59.01

Here's an moderate framed, deep-bodied female that will make a great junior project and cow. Out of the popular Credentials bull, she has a promising future. Bid online at

Click here for video

Sold at the 2021 Black Hills Stock Show

Friday February 5th

JASB Grit 63g.jpg

JASB Grit 63G

Homo-polled test pending   PB   10/02/2019

FILL Elevate 260E x LFLC Bank Account daughter

BW 0.8 WW 63 YW 96 MK 20

DOC 16 $MTI 51.25

Favorite since birth! This bull has the balance, structure, depth of rib, thickness, and superb disposition to make any cattlemen happy. 

Click here for video

Thank you to Snowhole Ranch in Wyoming for their purchase. 

KTBO 64G.jpg

KTBO Grenade 64G

Homo-polled test pending   PB    8/24/2018

FILL Elevate 260E x Cole Architect daughter

BW 3.0 WW 78  YW 115 MK 15

DOC 16 $MTI 53.40

With a great disposition, good rib shape, good feet and legs, and a strong. level top, Grenade is an excellent herd bull prospect. Check him out!

Click here for video

Thank you to the Shuck Brothers from South Dakota for their purchase. 

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